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Pack light

Packing for Long Term Travel in a Carry On

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Should I add these to my bucket list?

The offers the following 10 additions to your bucket list: – Off-Road to Australia’s Natural Wonders – Trek to Jordan’s Ancient City of Petra – Hike and Spot Wildlife in Chilean Patagonia – Bike Through French Wine Country – Balloon Over the Pagodas of Myanmar – Discover North America’s Best National Parks – Set […]

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Best days for air travel

According to the data from the the best days fly are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Expedia’s data indicates that for long-haul flights, leaving on Thursday and returning on Monday costs around 20 percent less than leaving on Friday and returning on Saturday.For short-haul trips, Expedia’s lowest-fare groupings are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday both ways. For more […]

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Budapest’s public transit

Seniors have free access to the public transit in Budapest. Theoretically, it is only for EU pensioners, but practically my grey hair and wrinkles worked like a valid transit pass. 

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East European Train’s schedule

Delays seem to be common on East European RailWays. When planning your trip add at least one hour to the scheduled arrival time. 

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